Finding Your Partner: If A Man Really Loves You He Will Show It

Love is one of the strongest emotions out there. It keeps people together regardless of the distance, keeps families strong despite trying times, and can overcome most of the challenges the world throws right in our faces if we embrace the love for others wholeheartedly. There’s no denying just how powerful love can be, and everyone deserves to find that one true love and partner to spend the rest of their lives with!

However, despite how impactful love can be on your life, it’s not without flaws. And when your relationship has hit a wall, or you’re stressed about the little things that have been accumulating over time, the amount of anxiety and overthinking can get to you and make you do some questionable stuff. So, today want to help ease that anxiety and do away with all that negativity trapped in your clouded thoughts. We’ll be finding out how you can tell if your man loves you or if he’s with you for something else.

Does He Really Love You?

Now, a healthy relationship is what we should all strive for because it builds the foundation for growth, learning from one another, and a possible future with each other. Lucky for us, there’s a bunch of signs and things you can observe to find out if your man loves you. So, keep your eyes peeled for any of the following and find out just how sweet your lover can be!

#1 More Than Words

Number one, he doesn’t express his love through words alone; he goes beyond that and shows his love for you through actions, decisions, and every aspect of life that doesn’t need to be said. We think that far too many people confuse infatuation and love, given that most modern dating happens through text messages and written words that may sound sweet but can equally hold no real meaning at all. You know a man loves you when you can feel it and when you don’t have to be reassured by him saying he loves you all the time.

  • You’re His Priority: An excellent way to tell that he’s more than just words is when he puts you as his number one priority. Sure, he could spend the night out with boys or play a game or two to blow off steam, but when he knows that you need help or want to have some fun, he always puts you first. Of course, we don’t mean this in a way that he’ll spend 100% of his time with you. What we mean to say is that there’s no fear of missing out when he decides to put you above everything else in his life.
  • Notices The Little Things: One of the cutest and most convincing ways to determine whether your man loves you or not is if he notices all the little things in your relationship. Sure, knowing your favorite Starbucks drink or remembering the quirky parts about you may seem like they don’t add up to anything super important in a relationship, but this actually proves that he pays close attention to you. You wouldn’t want to spend your time with someone who just casually forgets the small stuff, you may be able to deal with it the first couple of times, but it gets boring and ruins a relationship.

#2 Respects Your Dreams

Number two, you know a man loves you when he supports and respects your dreams; a proof of love and also the most crucial evidence for future compatibility. You see, there’s more to life than just kissing, hugging, and bringing your flowers during Valentine’s day, we’ve got dreams we want to accomplish, and the both of you should become each other’s support pillar. You want someone who can make you feel even more proud for reaching those goals, not someone who’ll treat it with indifference.

  • Doesn’t Hold You Back: An excellent way to know whether your man respects your dreams or not is when he doesn’t hold you back and keeps pushing you to strive for them. You can think of it as having your personal cheerleader that cuddles with you, and their eyes just sparkle with happiness hearing about all your achievements and accomplishments.
  • Understands Privacy: Likewise, respecting your dreams also comes with understanding privacy, and you know a man supports you when he doesn’t overstep his boundaries. While love is all about bringing two people together and enjoying life with each other, it doesn’t mean you’re throwing every aspect of your personal life! We all deserve a space to ourselves, and you deserve a man who understands that.
  • Inspires Growth: Last but not least, the biggest sign that he respects your dreams is when he inspires growth in your relationship. When either of you succeeds in a career or moves forward with your dreams, every accomplishment builds you together and encourages you to keep going. He feels happy seeing you go the distance and would stay by your side no matter what.

#3 Goes The Extra Mile

Number three, you know a man pours his heart and soul to be with you when he goes the extra mile in places that you least expect it. Of course, we don’t mean that relationships should be a constant rollercoaster ride-up that never experiences some downs, you want some balance. However, he knows just when to surprise you to keep rekindling that fire of love.

  • Never A Dull Moment: The first way to tell if a man goes the extra mail is when there seems to never be a dull moment in a relationship. In one month, you could be planning for a road trip and explore to your heart’s content, and when you thought nothing could top that, just some weeks later, you find yourself sitting at the dinner table with a fabulous meal he’s prepared.
  • Keeps You In The Loop: Ladies, let’s be honest, we hate it when we don’t know what our man’s up to, and while we don’t mean to pry into their personal lives, it feels better to be updated. This brings us to our next proof of him going the extra mile – keeping you in the loop. Whether it’s something as casual and funny as sharing with you his latest workout plan or just letting you know where he’s headed is one of the best feelings ever. 
  • Thinks Of The Future: Finally, you know this guy is madly in love with you when he thinks of the future and knows the time and place to discuss things with you. Of course, you wouldn’t want a man that just talks about marriage after the first few couple of months. You’ll need more time to know more about each other. What we mean is a man that doesn’t consider your relationship as a fling. He looks at it as a chance for meaningful love and connection.

How About The Bad Signs?

On the other hand, when you spot out any of the opposites of the stuff mentioned above, then you might want to sit down and talk with your partner about the future because going against more than one of these are some serious red flags in a relationship. Of course, all of these things can be worked on and improve over time, but understand that love shouldn’t burden you; it should help you break from your shell and grow.

True Love is Unconditional

Overall, true love is unconditional, and if a man loves you, he will make you feel that way every single day of the year. Sure, you’ll have your ups and downs. That’s just a given in any relationship. But, true love will always find a way to heal those hearts and reinforce the relationship to become stronger.

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