Quirky and Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her 2021

There you are, waking up to the sound of your alarm, stretching your body to full extension, and thanking the world for such a beautiful morning. You think to yourself, “Ah, nothing could ever ruin a day like this.” Well, until you realize you still don’t have a valentine’s day gift for her!

Oh well, we’ve all been through this heart-racing situation, and despite experiencing these events on multiple occasions every year, you’d think that your brain would finally remember to get her something before it’s D-day! Nevertheless, now’s not the time to be a worrywart, and lucky for you, there are loads of beautiful gifts out there waiting to be bought, prepared, and ready for Valentine’s day if you search hard enough.

So, strap on your thinking hat and get ready to take some notes because we’ll be going through all the quirky and cute valentine’s day gift ideas for her. From the funniest ones to the slightly sexy ones, we’ll be sure to cover a wide range of gift ideas for you to choose from. And remember, time’s ticking, so make every second count!

Of Course, YOU Know Her Best

Before we start listing all the excellent choices, we want to emphasize that youknow her best, and no matter how many lists, guides, and videos your rummage through, your thoughts are still the ultimatum. Every person’s different, so there’s no way a simple guide could perfectly match a gift that your sweetheart might want. So, take all of these suggestions with a grain of salt and be sure to flex and adapt these gifts based on what you know about her.

  • Narrow Down Your Choices: Let’s be real, you probably know about things she hates and the stuff she loves, so take out all the things she might not appreciate as much to narrow down your choices. Another great way to reduce the vast selection is removing anything that takes a lengthy shipping process. We can’t afford to way because Valentine’s day is right around the corner!
  • Don’t Fall Into The “Trending” Trap: While plenty of trending gifts has the potential to make your soulmate happy, nobody likes receiving something that isn’t straight from the heart. Plus, if everyone else is getting the same thing, it kind of loses a personal touch, don’t you think? So, stay away from these trendy traps and give some time to dwell on the best gift. You want something that radiates your love for her.

Some Great Places To Start!

With all those preliminary notes out of the way, let’s head straight into business. We’ll be going through some main categories that fall under the cute and quirky criteria, but feel free to pivot and adjust depending on what your lover likes. We’ve made quite the good list, though, so don’t worry about the choices not being great!

#1 Getting Comfy

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s the act of getting comfy and, lucky for us, it’s also what most of us will be doing at home over Valentine’s day. Since most road trips and going-out plans are out of the picture for health and safety concerns, we can narrow down our gift selection to things that might make getting comfy feel even comfier. Think binge-watching Netflix shows, movie marathons on romcoms, and all the fun stuff the both of you do to cozy up together.

  • Wearable Blankets: While the most basic forms of getting comfy come in blankets and oversized hoodies, why not put both together and bring them a wearable blanket? Sure, it’s not the first thing you consider when thinking of a gift, but that’s precisely what makes it quirky and spontaneous! Plus, there’s an absolute guarantee that it feels great to touch, so it checks the comfortable criteria.
  • Funny Undergarments: Let’s be real, a lot of us are going to be enjoying some fun and intimate loving with our sweethearts under the sheets on Valentine’s day. So, to spice things up and introduce some laughs, we strongly recommend getting her some funny undergarments! While others might think it can kill the mood, we disagree and say that it makes for a marvelous and unforgettable memory. From printing your face to inserting some “funny” jokes, both of you are sure to get a kick out of this one.

#2 Utilize Her Hobbies & Interests

Next on the list are her hobbies & interests, so dig deep and think about all the things she raves about from fandoms, TV shows, cartoons, Anime, and everything else under the spectrum. Everyone’s bound to have something they love, whether that’s music, making inexcusable dad jokes, or spending whole nights just to game. Your job is to pick one of those things and get her something that relates to it!

  • Original Merchandise: Many people are guilty of wanting to buy authentic merchandise, but most people can’t psyche themselves up to buy it because they think it’s very selfish of them. Of course, while we believe there’s nothing wrong with getting yourself some merch, this is the perfect chance for you to swoop in and get her some original merchandise. Whether it’s a costume from her favorite animated film or maybe even PewDiePie merch, just go all out!
  • Get A Stack Of Novels: One of the most significant setbacks people experienced during this pandemic fallout is not keeping up with their reading goals. And, if there’s something that any bookworm is dying to get back on track for, it’s stepping the gas for the love of books! So, if your sweetheart falls under the bookworm archetype, we suggest getting her a stack of novels to binge-read over the entire year. It will be the perfect wake-up call to get back into reading and might just be the little nudge of motivation she needs to turn the first page.

#3 For The Fashionista

With people strapped to their homes and butts glued onto couches, most people haven’t really given a lot of thought about their outfits or staying on the latest fashion trends. However, if you know your sweetheart is a diehard fashionista that can’t get enough of following what’s new or looking her sexiest, then this is the perfect gift opportunity right before your eyes. Clothes, apparel, and accessories have so much to offer, so you’ll have zero difficulties finding something that looks drop-dead gorgeous!

  • Extravagant Costume Jewelry: If you’re looking for something inexpensive, looks incredible, has tremendous variability, and you can get plenty of, why not try some extravagant costume jewelry? Unlike your typical gold-plated ones and antiques that tend to come with a hefty price, costume jewelry can look just as sexy at a fraction of the cost. Plus, the crazier the looks you go for, the more fun she’ll have trying to mix and match them with specific outfits!
  • Matching Outfits: Now, it may sound crazy to get matching outfits, but if you want to see her chuckle and burst out in laughter, then we strongly believe this is the way to go! Of course, you’ll still want something that will look great on her, and whether that’s streetwear or formals is up to you. All you need to do is an order for two, one for her and another one that’s closest to your size.

Think Fast!

In conclusion, there’s a wide variety of cute and quirky gifts out there, so don’t waste your time slouching and think fast! Use this simple guide as the foundation of your checklist and go through some of the most accessible places near you. As a last note, think of your budget as well and try not to empty your pockets too much.

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