Quail Eggs Benefits for Adults Babies and Pregnant Women

Small but terrible, that is the right description for quail eggs as it has many benefits not just for adults but also for babies and pregnant women. 

Quail eggs are used in Chinese medicine. It is popularly known for treating different illnesses. It is widely consumed and sold as a novelty food and is considered as an alternative food resource in other countries because of its high nutrient content.

Note: Did you know… one chicken egg is equal to four to five quail eggs? So, be careful. Just like chicken eggs, quail eggs have high cholesterol. It should not be eaten in big quantities daily. 

Now, back to what we are going to discuss…

In this article, I will discuss not just the benefits of quail eggs but also the side effects of consuming them. You might think that this content is no different from other health articles that you usually see online, but, hold it! Do not skip or leave this page. There are other unknown facts about quail eggs that you need to know.  

Nutrients that quail eggs have:

As I have mentioned above, quail eggs are considered as alternative food in underdeveloped countries because it is nutritious. They are rich in calories, protein, vitamin D, calcium, iron, potassium, saturated fat, sodium, total fat, and cholesterol. Adding on, quail eggs are also rich in choline, selenium, lecithin, iodine, and antioxidants.

Benefit of quail eggs for adults

Quail eggs have been known to boost bone health, prevent hair loss, promote healthy skin, manage depression and diabetes, and improve sexual health, immunity, and eyesight. 

Other than the list above, quail eggs can also:

  • Help you strengthen not only your bones but also your nails and teeth.
  • Help you lessen the possibility of having heart disease.
  • Help you decrease cholesterol 
  • Help you treat respiratory disorders like bronchitis and asthma. 
  • Help you ease allergic rhinitis.
  • Help you treat allergies.
  • Help you reduce the possibility of anemia.
  • Help you ease stomach ache.
  • Help you in detoxing.
  • Help you improve your metabolism.
  • Help you prevent cancer. 
  • Help you prevent bladder stones.
  • Help you treat kidney disorders.

The benefit of quail eggs to babies

Introducing eggs to your baby’s meal can be a complex job. Some babies might find its texture and taste eggs to babies really strange, but if you do everything right, everything will be easy — from preparing it to convincing your child to eat it.

Nutritional qualities of quail eggs

Eggs are rich in oligo-elements and vitamins. It has lipids that are useful for the development of the brain. Other than that, they are also known for its great source of protein. 

Note: Since it is less costly than meat and because of its fat content, it is included in many recipes over the years.

Can you give quail eggs to babies every day?

I know it is tempting to let our babies eat quail eggs daily because it is small and easy to prepare. Good news for you! It is fine to let them eat one quail egg a day because according to reports it helps them grow faster. Based on research, toddlers as young as six months develop quickly when they consume one egg every day — it lessens the risk of stunting. 

How to check if the quail eggs are fresh or not

It is easy to know if they quail eggs that you bought are fresh or not:

  • Get a bowl of water
  • Immerse the quail eggs in a bowl of water
  • Check if the quail eggs will sink or not. Fresh quail eggs will sink to the bottom. 

When storing them:

  • For soft-boiled quail eggs, it can be stored for eight days. 
  • For fully-cooked quail eggs, it can be stored for 15 days. 

What you need to remember

Although quail eggs are easy to digest, we should still keep in mind the possible side effects of it to the baby. It should be introduced to their diet carefully. Some babies are allergic to eggs so better observe their reaction to it or ask your doctor’s advice about it.

When introducing quail eggs to your baby, you should remember that you cannot let them consume the whole egg as soon as you let them eat it. You should introduce the yolk of the egg when your baby is around six-month-old. Then, wait until your child is at least one-year-old before letting them eat the egg whites.

The following are the recommended portions that children could eat: 

  • Nine months to one year old – One yolk daily.
  • One year old to three years old – One quail egg every day (yolk/white).
  • Three years old to seven years old – two to three quail eggs daily.
  • Seven years old and above three to five eggs daily. 

Quail eggs benefit for pregnant women

Are you pregnant? If yes, then hold your forks, mommies! No need to stop eating quail eggs! They are good for you! 

We all know that pregnant women are sensitive not just to the things around them but also to the food they consume. Let us face it, if you are pregnant, you are a bit choosy when you are in this stage of your life.

Studies show that quail eggs have lots of nutrients. It has minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and protein — all good for pregnant ladies and for improving fetal brain development.

Other benefits:

  • Vitamins A, B, and E
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Tyrosine

Quail eggs are helpful for future mommies because: 

  • It lessens the risk of early birth and miscarriage.
  • It lessens the signs of toxicosis. 
  • It lessens the tone and hypertonia of the uterus. 
  • It helps to overcome heartburn. 
  • It reduces the risk of hypertensive states during pregnancy.
  • It stimulates the work of the kidneys. 
  • It helps the biological rhythm of the body. 

Always remember…

Always eat fresh and fully-cooked quail eggs during your pregnancy. Never believe anything you see online that this and that are good for your pregnancy. Keep in mind that it is always better to consult your doctor.

Side effects of quail eggs

Although no major side effects have been reported about consuming quail eggs, eating a lot of it per day is not advisable. Experts have been saying that it is safe to eat quail eggs as long as you consume them in moderation. 

People who are hypotensive or hypoglycemic should not eat too much of it. This is because it can lower your blood pressure and blood sugar. Moreover, quail eggs are said to cause an anaphylactic reaction so people who are sensitive to them should avoid consuming them. Also, it is likely that if you are allergic to chicken eggs, you are also allergic to quail eggs. 

On the other hand, I know we have discussed that eating quail eggs is good for almost everybody because of their high content of nutrients; however, it is better to observe your reaction to it. If you notice some symptoms like flatulence, bloating, or stomach pain, consuming it might not be good for you. 

For pregnant women, it is strongly advised that you seek medical help first before including quail eggs in your diet. Same with babies, parents should check first if it is fine to give your child quail eggs to avoid allergies and other unwanted reactions. As for adults, do not… I repeat, do not, in any way, consume too many quail eggs especially if you are monitoring your cholesterol.

Another thing… 

Some quail eggs are unpasteurized. So, be careful mommies because this means harmful bacteria that may be on the shell of the egg are still there. This is dangerous. These bacteria could make you sick. So, always make sure the quail eggs that you want to eat are cooked properly. 

Note: And again, as I always mention, if you are in doubt and is not sure if eating quail eggs is good for you, it is advisable to consult your doctor or a dietician before including it in your daily meal. It is better to make sure it is healthy for you first before having a quail egg fiesta on your table. 

Are quail eggs healthier than chicken eggs?

Quail eggs are healthy… that is a given fact. However, chicken eggs are still more nutritious than quail eggs. But, it contains more protein, fat, vitamin B12, riboflavin, and iron. As I mentioned above, quail eggs have the same nutrients as chicken eggs. So, do not worry because as you can see, it is not far superior to chicken eggs. The only It is up to you which one suits you well. 


We do not have to spend a lot to be healthy. The information above proved it. After all these details about the benefits of quail eggs, we could say that despite being small, it is packed with lots of nutrients, and it surprisingly contains almost all the things we need to be healthy

The bottom line here is that quail eggs are a good alternative for chicken eggs. It is not just a small part of our everyday meal and a simple ingredient for our recipes but also a healthy mix for our diet.

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