Quotes on Being a Good Person to Help You Become the Better Version of Yourself

If you want to be positive in your day-to-day dealings with other people, we invite you to read this post that focuses on quotes about becoming a better person. It will enlighten you and will give you the strength to improve yourself and become more at peace and a better version of yourself.

Tips on How to Read Quotes on Being a Good Person

  1. Don’t just read the quote once, instead, read it a few times. If the quote touches your inner core, it is beneficial for you to read it every day. If you want, you can save the quote on your phone or you may want to print it and place it where you can see it all the time. A quote that you read often has a strong effect on your thinking and behavior, thereby, transforming you to become a better person.

2. After you read the quotes on being a good person, take the time to seriously ponder about those quotes and how you can apply the messages into your daily life. Find the meaning in the quotes about becoming a better person.

3. If you are the type of person who meditates daily, you can use these quotes for enlightenment.

4. Do not just read the quotes on being a good person in a passive manner, rather, try your best to read between the lines. If you do it this way, you will have a deeper understanding of the facts of life and will help you find ideas that can transform yourself to a higher level of yourself.

5.  Collect the quotes about becoming a better person that you like and then print them. Create a small booklet out of these quotes so you can easily carry it with you anywhere.

The Benefits of Reading Quotes on Being A Good Person

1. Reading inspirational quotes allows you to look at situations in a more positive manner.

2.  Reading quotes daily will give you an understanding of the teachings and thoughts of the wise people. Regardless if they are dead or still alive, these quotes about becoming a better person will never stop to inspire and enlighten others.

3. Quotes on being a good person can provide you with words of encouragement, more so during times when you are down and out.

4.  Your actions speak so much about you. The awesome thing about these quotes is that your actions are affected, in a good way. Say, for example, you are reading a quote about kindness, you may soon find yourself doing kind things to others. Then, you go on to do kind things until kindness becomes a habit.

5. Quotes will continue to remind you of your values.

A Checklist of Quotes On Being A Good Person

1.  Kindness quotes about becoming a better person…

Kindness encompasses a myriad of behaviors like gentleness, friendliness, deep concern for others, grace, and hospitality. We hope that the following quotes on being a good person can guide you to your path to becoming a better version of yourself.

  • A single act of kindness can positively change another person’s life.
  • Do good acts for others not because of their status or what you can get in return, but because you are a kind person.
  • If the words you utter are sincere and kind, this will become a better place to live.
  • If you are searching for how to heal yourself, try a random act of kindness.
  • Kindness never runs out of fashion because it is always hip to be kind.
  • When necessary, always be kinder.
  • Kindness is the only language that the blind can clearly see and the deaf can loudly hear.
  • The best kind of people is those who are kind.
  • Kind words are priceless yet they do not cost much.
  • Do not underestimate a little act of kindness. Each act of kindness has a huge ripple effect.

2.  Compassionate quotes about becoming a better person…

Compassion is an act of feeling sympathy for someone who is going through some misfortunes in life. We hope that these quotes on how to be more compassionate will help you raise your character to the next level.

  • Practice compassion so others will be happy.
  • Existing is not just about you but it is also about helping those who are suffering.
  • Compassion is not just about feeling the other person’s pain but it is also doing an act that will alleviate or remove that pain.
  • Compassion is to see beyond your own sufferings so you can see the sufferings of others.
  • If you are feeling great, dare to help another person to feel greatness, too.

3.  Forgiveness and healing quotes about becoming a better person…

To a lot of people, forgiveness is the most difficult thing to give. It is indeed hard to forgive but by giving forgiveness, you pave the way for your own healing. To forgive someone who hurt you has many benefits. First, forgiveness reduces your anxiety and stress levels. Second, you allow the chance to form a bond with the person who has caused you emotional pain. And, third is that forgiveness allows you to see the pain of the other person, making you become a more compassionate human being.

We understand that it is not easy as it seems but here are some forgiveness quotes on being a good person that will help you realize that holding on to a grudge won’t take you anywhere.

  • Forgiveness is a choice. When you are angry at someone, you are mad because of the hurtful words or actions committed to you. But, if you will let go and move on, you make room for miracles to happen and that is healing.
  • The truth is until you forgive, you cannot move forward and become a better person.
  • You have power in you to remove someone’s happiness by declining to forgive. That someone is yourself. So, if you want to be happy, forgive yourself and others.
  • To give forgiveness is the ultimate kind of love.
  • Resentment stops the movement of prosperity. Gratitude enhances and hastens it. The one that bridges the gap is forgiveness.
  • Forgiveness is the best expression of love.
  • Each one of us agrees that forgiveness is an awesome idea.

4.  Leadership quotes about becoming a better person…

Leadership is the power to modify or influence the behaviors of others. But to be a good leader, one has influence in a positive way. Leadership inspires people to perform better through excellent human relations. Here are some quotes on being a good person in the workforce.

  • If your behavior inspires others to do better and to dream bigger, then you are a good leader.
  • The objective of a good leader is to help those who are performing badly to do well and to inspire those who are doing good to perform even better.
  • The challenge of a good leader is how to be strong but not be offensive, how to be kind but not coward, how to be bold but not to intimidate, and how to be proud but not egotistical.
  • Leadership is about making other people do better as an outcome of your presence and making sure that your impact lasts even in your absence.
  • The capacity to learn is the most significant quality of a great leader.

5.  Love quotes about becoming a better person…

Sometimes, expressing your love for your partner or even to your family and friends is difficult. No worries, you are not alone in this department and this is why we are here to help you express your deep love better through these love quotes on being a good person.

  • I am blissful every time I am with you.
  • Do not chase attention, affection, and love. If these are not given freely, it isn’t worth it.
  • A soul mate is someone who brings out the very best in you. He may be imperfect but he is perfect for you.
  • All types of relationships go through hell but the real and honest relationships get through it.
  • A loving relationship consists of imperfect people who are declining to give-up on each other.

6.  Helping others quotes about becoming a better person…

Giving help is not only good for them but it is also good for your soul. Helping makes you feel good, thereby, reducing your stress level making you a happier person. Let us also stress the helping is not just about giving financial assistance but it is also about giving your time to others. 

Here are some helping others quotes on being a good person:

  • The person who serves the most harvests the most.
  • Be willing to extend help to someone all the time, you may be the only one that does.
  • A life lived for others is a worthwhile life.
  • The happiest people are the ones who are not selfish giving their time for others.


Life as it is complicated. But, your existence need not be futile if only you will spend a little time reading and pondering about the quotes on being a good person. Life is more beautiful if you will treat people and situations with respect, love, and dignity.

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