30 Lovable Spanish Baby Names for Boys and Girls That You Can Give to Your Child

Deciding a name for your coming baby is one of the major decisions that parents like you face. Actually, picking a child’s name is a major decision because not only will your child use that name for the rest of her/his life but it has also a psychological impact to the child. For instance, we all know how tactless kids can be and if you give your baby a name that is very unusual and that other kids find ‘funny’, your child can be bullied because of that name. Bullying leads to trauma and low self-esteem. This is why you have to be sure that the name you will give your baby has a beautiful meaning and is not difficult to pronounce.

Regardless of you are residing in Spain or not, you can choose to give a foreign-sounding name such as Spanish baby names for boys and girls. These names are beautiful sounding and for sure, your baby boy or baby girl will appreciate you in the future for that choice of the Spanish name.

Traditions and Spanish Baby Names for Boys and Girls

In Spain, a lot of Spanish baby boy names and Spanish baby girl names are derived from the Bible. This is because of Spain’s tradition of naming a baby after a martyr or a saint is encouraged by the Catholic Church.

More recently, parents are keener on naming their babies after famous people like athletes or Hollywood stars. Though this may be acceptable but it presents an issue such as stereotyping. But, if you choose Spanish baby names for boys and girls, not only are those names beautiful but these names also have religious meanings that are inspiring and have positive connotations.

15 Spanish Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Check out these Spanish boy names along with their origins and meanings…

1.   Adriano:

The origin of this name is from Portugal. It means voyager from the Adriatic Sea. The alternative spellings are Adrianno and Adryano.

Fun fact:  Adriano is a Spanish and also Italian version of Adrian that originated from the town of Adria.

2.   Alejandro:  

This is one the Spanish baby boy names that mean defender and protector of the people. The alternative spellings are Alejandrino and Alisandro.

Fun fact: This is one of Lady Gaga’s hit songs from her album The Fame Monster.

3.  Alfonso:  

The name means always ready and prepared for a battle or a brave soldier. The alternative spellings are Alphonso and Fonzie.

Fun fact:  A Romantic opera by Franz Schubert, an Austrian composer is titled Alfonso und Estrella.

4.  Antonio:  

This name means priceless and praiseworthy. Alternatively, you can name your baby boy with Antonello or Antonino.

Fun fact: San Antonio is known as one of the largest cities in Texas, USA was founded in 1718 and named after Saint Anthony.

5.  Arturo:  

This is one of the beautiful Spanish baby boy names that mean strong and courageous. The alternative spellings are Artoro and Arthuro.

Fun fact: The President of Argentina from 1958 to 962 is named Arturo Frondizi.

6.  Benito: 

This means blessed. You may also want to consider Beneto or Bonito as Spanish baby boy names that mean blessed.

Fun fact: Benito Bonito was the pirate who was believed to have left a hidden fortune that up to now, is still being searched for.

7.  Carlos:  

Manly is the adjective that describes this Spanish name. The alternative spellings for these names are Carlito and Carolos.

Fun fact: Did you know that the complete name of Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen is Carlos Irwin Estevez?

8.  Cristòbal

A name that means a believer and a follower of Christ. You may also use Cristobal and Christo.

Fun fact: A port town in the Colòn area of Panama known as Cristobal was named after Christopher Columbus.

9.  Diego:

This one of beautiful Spanish baby boy names signifies the one who comes after or also a supplanter. Alternatively, you can name your baby boy Diago or Dyego.

Fun fact:  Have you seen the movie Ice Age? The name of the fearless tiger in that movie is Diego.

10.  Domingo:  

This is one of the choices available for you for Spanish baby boy names that mean The Lord’s Day, born on a Sunday. The alternative names are Dom and Domino.

Fun fact:  The Spanish meaning of the word Domingo is Sunday.


What’s nice about this name? It signifies the ruler of the house. You may also name your baby boy Enrico or Enrikay.

Fun fact:  One of the band members of Ricky Martin is Enrique Martin Morales. This band gained  popularity during the 1980s.

12.  Fabio: 

The meaning of this Spanish name is bean grower. Alternative names are Fabiano and Fabrizio. If what you want is a name that is not too common, then Fabio may be the one you are looking for. This name has never been included in the top 1000 Spanish baby boy names for the last 100 years.

Fun fact: A famous actor Fabio Lanzoni, nicknamed as Fabio has graced the cover of numerous romance novels and has appeared in movies and television shows.

13.  Geraldo:  

Means rules by the spears. This is also not as common but if you want to name your baby boy with this name, the alternative names for Geraldo are Giraldo and Giuraldo.

Fun fact: Did you know that there was a television talk show entitled Geraldo that lasted for more than ten years? It was hosted by Geraldo Rivera.

14.  Joaquin: 

This Spanish boy name means established by God. You may also use the following Spanish baby boy names such as Jocquin, Joakin, and Joakim.

Fun fact: The notorious drug mafia leader Joaquin Guzman or ‘Chapo’ was captured in Mexico. He was then sent to the USA in 2016.


Lawrence is a practical name that means strong. The Spanish counterpart is Lorenzo means fun-loving, romantic, and sensitive. The alternative Spanish names for Lorenzo are Laurenzo and Larenzo.

Fun fact:  Phil Collins has a song entitled Lorenzo which is about a boy named Lorenzo Odone,

If you are not yet sure if you are going to have is a bay boy or a baby girl, we will now continue to give you a list of Spanish baby names for boys and girls. In this next section, let us now focus our attention on Spanish names for a baby girl.

15 Spanish Baby Girl Names with Meanings

1.  Alejandra:

This means defender and protector of mankind. The alternative Spanish baby girl names are Alejandrina and Alajandra.

Fun fact:  A Venezuelan telenovela entitled Alejandra was popular during the 1990s.

2.  Catalina:

Simply means a woman of great purity. You may also consider Katrina and Katalena.

Fun fact:  Catalina is a tourist destination in Long Beach, California.

3.  Claudia:

As stated in the New Testament, the name Claudia is the feminine version of Claudius who is a 7th-century saint. The other spellings are Klaudia and Cloudia.

Fun fact:  Claudia Alta Johnson was the first lady in the USA from 1963 to 1969.

4.   Consuelo: 

This is one of the Spanish baby girl names that mean consoler or someone who helps/consoles someone in times of grief. You can also give your baby girl the name Consolata or Conswello.

Fun fact:  One of the shark girls in the Westside story is named Consuelo.

5.. Dulce:

This name means sweet and amiable. The variations are Dulcia and Dulcea.

Fun fact:  Dulce is one of the top Spanish baby girl names during the 1990s.

5.  Emilia:

It means a competitor and a rival. The other alternative Spanish baby girl names for Emilia are Amila and Emelie.

Fun fact:  Emilia is the lady in waiting in Othello, a popular play by Shakespeare.

6.   Fabiola:

A girl who grows beans is the meaning behind the name of Fabiola. Fabia and Fabrizia are the alternative Spanish baby girl names for Fabiola.

Fun fact:  Queen Fabiola was the Queen of Belgium from 1960 up to 1993.

7.  Gabriela:

It means God is my strength and hero. Alternatively, you may name your baby girl Gabrielle or Gaby.

Fun fact:  Gabriela Mistral bagged the Nobel Peace Prize in Literature in 1945.

8.  Isabel:

This name means a woman who commits and pledges to God. The alternative Spanish baby girl names are Isobel and Bella.

Fun fact: Isabel Perón was the President of Argentina after her husband, Juan Perón died in 1974.

9.  Juliana:

A name that means forever young. Equally beautiful name alternatives are Guilianna and Julieta.

Fun fact:  The Juliana Canal is named after Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. Her reign lasted from 1948 to 1980.

10.  Leticia:

Simply means happiness and joy. If you want to name your child with Leticia, you may also consider these Spanish baby girl names like Latisha and Letishia.

Fun fact:  The feast of Saint Leticia is held each September in Spain.

11.  Lola:

One of the beautiful Spanish baby girl names that mean strong woman. You may also opt to name her Lolah or Lolita.

Fun fact:  The song Lola was a hit song by the Kinks. It is considered to be one of the top 500 songs of all time.

12.  Marina:

Lover of the ocean is what this Spanish means. The alternative spellings of this name are Marinda and Maribel.

Fun fact:  Marina del Rey is a popular tourist destination in Los Angeles, CA.

13.  Paloma:

Derived from Palumbus, the meaning of which is peace or a beautiful dove. Peloma and Palomma are the other variations of this Spanish name for a baby girl.

Fun fact:  Book number five of the Retrieval Artist Book series is named Paloma.

14.  Savannah:

A name that means grassland without trees. You may also want to explore other Spanish baby girl names that are close to Savannah like Vanna and Sevanna.

Fun fact: The Savannah cats are hybrid cats resulting by breeding several wild and domesticated cats that result in large and energetic cat breed.

15.  Yolanda:

A beautiful violet flower is the meaning behind this name. Alternatively, you may also choose these Spanish names: Ianthe or Yolee.

Fun fact:  The name Yolanda is the Spanish term for purple flowers.


Naming your baby should be thought of carefully. The name that you will give to your child has a special meaning. That said, choose any of the Spanish baby names for boys and girls that your child will carry with dignity and pride.

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