3 Signs Your Ex Boy/Girlfriend Will Eventually Come Back

There you are, staring at the ceiling, thinking about what you could’ve done better, reminiscing of all the memories both of you made and the love you thought was everlasting. And, while you know the both of you broke up on good terms, you can’t shake off the idea of them coming back and waiting at your doorstep. Until your phone rings and you pick up, only to hear the voice you’ve been waiting for.

Don’t worry; everyone goes through that dilemma after a breakup, whether if things are officially over or if there’s still a chance for both of you to find love once again. Especially if you’ve been dating for quite a long time, it’s not as easy to throw away something like that after all the memories made and cherished. So, today we’ll be going through some of the signs that your ex will eventually come back into your life.

#1 They’re Not Dating Anyone New

One of the biggest giveaways that they’re still thinking about you and wondering if you’ll accept them back into your life is when they’re not dating anyone new. Of course, it may sound a bit presumptuous to say that because everyone needs a bit of space, but after a while and they don’t get into a new relationship, chances are you’re still on their mind. And, it will only be a matter of time before they call you up or coming rushing straight to your doorstep to cast away your differences and come back together.

  • They Haven’t Sent Your Stuff Back: You know there still think about you if they haven’t mustered up the courage to send your stuff back. Or, they could be purposefully keeping them on the off-chance that you knock on their door, giving them a chance to talk with you and resolve things. Whether it’s something simple as a Bosu ball or your dog’s treats, it’s all a matter of connection. And, if there’s a chance of you calling them up for it, then they’ll take those chances no matter how slim.
  • They Keep Asking About You: Another way to know if they’re thinking about coming back to you is if they can’t stop asking about you among friends and peers. Of course, you’ll need to have a good ear for this one, but the news is sure to go around, and you’ll eventually find out about their concerns for your well-being and among other things. It’s a sign that they still deeply care about you and aren’t ready to let you go. They may have been the ones to initiate the breakup, but words often fail in place of actions.
  • You Broke Up On Good Terms: Last but not least, if you broke up on good terms and you know in your heart that there’s that lingering feeling of love, there’s a big chance your ex is coming back. You see, while relationships and infatuations are easy to find, fostering a healthy and inspiring relationship is quite the opposite. And when your ex starts to notice this reality, they’ll feel dumb for letting go of the relationship you both once had.

#2 They Can’t Help But Stalk You On Socials

When you’ve fallen head over heels for someone, made numerous memories together, and then out of nowhere broke up, it’s going to be very difficult to get them off your mind. One good way to tell if this is how your ex feels is when they can’t help but stalk you on your socials. Whether it’s being the first to view your Instagram story or retweeting a thread you started, they’re still hung up about keeping updated with all the things you do. And this one of the telltale signs that they’ll eventually come back to you.

  • Somehow Text Frequently: If they still message you frequently and you’re often talking to each other when being “just” friends, it’s highly likely they’ll end up confessing through one of their texts or running straight back to you one night. Staying connected this way is an excellent indication that they can’t help but find it more exciting and worthwhile to be with you and talk with you. Soon enough, these words transform into actions, and they won’t waste a second chance of getting back together.
  • Those Drunk Calls: There’s always that off-chance that one night you’ll receive a drunk call from your ex saying sorry, admitting it was their fault, confessing their love for you, and wishing to get back together again in very slurred speech. Now, while it isn’t the most romantic way of finding out they love you, drunk calls always lead to follow-up calls, meeting up, talking things out, and an opportunity to get back together. Alcohol just has a way of bursting out all those repressed feelings, and that one drunk call is a great sign of your ex coming back.
  • Keeps In Touch With Your Friends: Nothing screams “I still love you” louder than them keeping in touch with your friends. If they wanted some time-off, recollect their thoughts, and get some space, it’d be more realistic that they chose to cut ties and keep contact close to zero. However, by keeping in touch with your friends, it’s a way of saying that they don’t want to give up that life with you yet, and they’re staying connected in case the opportunity of learning more about you or getting to talk to you comes up.

#3 They’re Making Subtle Moves

Finally, a dead giveaway that your ex will eventually come back to you is when they’re already making some subtle moves to enter your life. It can be asking to meet up all of a sudden, and then that one talk goes to meeting multiple times a week, calling you up every night and leaving you messages, or finding a note in your used-to-be favorite spot together. Likewise, you know your relationship best, and if he starts making subtle yet meaningful moves to get back together, you’ll surely notice before anyone else does.

You see, it’s not easy to let go of someone you’re so attached to, and if both of you still had some unfinished plans, such as visiting the French vineyards and seeing the natural wonders of the world, that thought is still circulating in their brain. So, keep an eye and ear out for these subtle moves because you don’t want to risk not noticing them and lose your chance of getting back together. Of course, while we’d love something more direct yet still romantic, everybody has a different love language.

But, Toxic Relationships Are An Exception

However, if you know this ex has done nothing but create a toxic relationship, then we strongly believe that there’s no point in getting back together. Regardless of the signs that they might want to come back and say their sorry, toxic people tend to emotionally manipulative, and you’ll end up hurt in the long-run. So, save yourself the trouble and make this person an exception to the rule. Don’t let someone bad back into your life because you deserve to be loved!

Love Is Always Unconditional

Nevertheless, true love is always unconditional, and if this partner you wish to come back understands this, then it won’t take long for them to realize that life was much more complete with you. While we can’t guarantee how long it will take for them to realize or if they’ll make the first move, these signs of your ex eventually come back are a good place to start looking for clues. So, trust in the process and believe in your unconditional love.

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