You Make Me Happy Quotes and Lifehack

Are you happy? It sounds like a simple question. You just have to answer it by yes or no. But, you know what, it is definitely one of the hardest questions to answer and the easiest one to fake. 

Living in Asia, especially in the Philippines, people here are always smiling. We find happiness even in the midst of a mess. It is, for me, our best weapon and best characteristic — we are always happy. No one can wipe out the smile on our faces no matter what happens. 

However, although I am living in a country where a day will not pass by without us laughing, I am still fully aware that there are still a big number of people who find it hard to smile, to be happy. Not because they do not want to, but because they cannot find any reasons why they should feel that way.

There are several ways to make you feel happy. Simple. Easy. There is no need for you to take a whole day to turn these steps into a habit, a habit that could bring happiness to your system.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why many of us are unhappy and how to make you happy. This will be a fun and informative write up that will surely leave an impact on your day-to-day life

Nothing makes me happy. What do I do?

Yes, it is not easy to put a genuine smile on someone’s face… to be happy most of the time especially now that we are in the middle of the pandemic. So many things have happened and will happen. These events make us worry, make us feel unsure and anxious. No need to blame yourself. This is normal. 

BUT, remember, there is always a but in every story, because there is always a reason why we feel what we are feeling right now. 

Why are you not happy?

What makes it difficult for you to smile?

What do you want? What do you need?

The expectations… the dreams that we have are usually the reason why we fail to see reality. We are too busy comparing our expectation to our reality and that makes us unhappyWe are unfulfilled. We are disappointed. We are hurt. Why? Because the expectations that we have in our minds are far from the reality, from the result that we got.

Reasons why you are unhappy

  • You compare your life to others.
  • You are scared of changes.
  • You are always worried about what other people will think of you.
  • You are confined to what social media is showing you — the filtered smiles and lives of the users. 
  • Your expectations are becoming your reality.
  • You give importance to the wants and the needs of other people than your own. 
  • You feel like a failure because the achievements you have are nothing compared to your friends.
  • You judge yourself based on what other people think about you.
  • You try to cover the real you to please other people and to make them like you.
  • You are worried. Always worried about everything.
  • You are insecure. Insecure of what you look like (because the standard of beauty for you comes from magazine covers, billboards, and filtered photos on Instagram and Facebook).
  • You give limits to what you can do. 
  • Bad memories. You keep thinking about your past. 
  • You feel that you are not good enough.
  • You always want to escape reality.
  • You follow others’ beliefs and ignore yours.
  • You overthink things.

There are other reasons why you feel unhappy. These reasons are based on your situation. But, what’s important is, you know the “whys”. If you know the whys, you will know the best way to deal with it.

How to make you happy and enjoy life?

As I said, feeling that genuine happiness is very rare to experience unless you are able to let go of all the worries, anxieties, fears, and insecurities in your system. But if you are determined to make yourself happy bit by bit until you reach that hundred percent feeling, you could try these happiness hacks:

  • Turn off your notifications and do some social media detox. Taking some time off from checking Instagram and Facebook is one of the most popular ways to let yourself relax and be at peace. (Proven and tested by celebrities)
  • Talk. Spend time with your friends and family. Even a simple chat can improve our mood. It affects our happiness and improves the quality of our life. 
  • Sleep. Get more quality sleep. Sleep affects our happiness. It helps us think more clearly… and it diverts our mind from thinking negatively.
  • Be productive. Do the things you have always wanted to try. The satisfaction that you will feel from completing your task improves your mood.
  • Exercise. It has already been proven that exercise is very important — not just because it keeps us healthy but because it also improves our happiness level.
  • Meditate. One more thing to learn is meditation. Just like what experts are always pointing out, meditation improves mindfulness, breathing, calmness, focus, attention span, and of course, HAPPINESS.

See? There are ways to make us happy. Simple yet so helpful. We always have to remember we are always in full control of our lives. The bullets above? Those are just guides for you. It is still up to you how to make yourself happy. 

Time to let go of all of the things that make you unhappy and time to open more doors for new experiences that could make you happy.

You make me feel happy quotes

Aside from the steps above, did you know that reading could also improve your mood? It reduces the level of stress in our body and improves our mental health. Being motivated through reading helps us feel good and feeling good about ourselves is equal to happiness. 

Here are some quotations for the “happier you”:

  • Positive people attract positive results. 

This is a fact. Positive people have clearer minds than those who are confined in their negative thoughts. If you have a positive aura, good things will happen to you because you attract positive energy.

  • Let go of the past.

Always thinking about your past prevents you from enjoying the present. You won’t feel the happiness you are longing for if you keep thinking about the bad memories and events from your past.  

  • Happiness can be found in simple things.

Real happiness lies in tiny things. A simple hello, sharing food, saying I love you… the emotion you feel when you receive those presents are “real happiness”. Just like what the saying goes: “Happiness is finding pleasure in the tiny things in life.”

  • Share your happiness.

This has already been proven. Making other people happy makes us feel so satisfied. The happiness we feel from the smile and the laughter that they show to us when we do something that makes them feel that way is the most rewarding feeling that we could ever get. 

  • Enjoy life and the changes you will experience. 

The only constant thing in life is change. If we accept this fact, we can enjoy life more. Doors for new experiences will open. These new experiences open more opportunities for us to learn more and find more about ourselves. 

More “you make me happy” quotes for a happier you:

  • You make me happy. The kind of happiness that only comes from love. The kind that gives you that tingling feeling in your stomach and sends shivers down your spine, and then you stop and think, “‘How did I ever live without this?”
  • When I forgot how to smile and how to laugh, you came into my life and made me happy. Thank you for bringing happiness each day of my life.
  • I don’t mind when our conversations get a little bit boring and we run out of things to say, just having you is enough to make me happy.
  • “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” – Nhat Hanh
  • “Happy people make people happy, but I can make someone be happy, and no one else can make me happy.” – Gretchen Rubin
  • “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” – Marcel Proust
  • “The best feeling in the world is realizing that you’re perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed.” – Marxie
  • “The more you smile in life, the more life smiles on you.” – Mark Amend

Bottom line

These are only guides. Just like what I have said above, you fully control your life. No one can make you happy if you keep your doors closed.

The best way to get the happiness you are longing for is to identify why you are feeling unfulfilled. Once you determine the answers, monitor your emotions, your reactions to it…your feelings then make a move! It will always be your choice whether you want to live happily or you want to drown yourself in sadness. 

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