Breaking Beauty Boundaries and Getting Rid of Smile Lines

When you’re still in your 20s, you don’t often realize the effects that come with age, and life just zooms so fast you can hardly keep track of everything that’s happening around you. From all the people you meet, the places you get to go, building your career, and the countless memories made, it can be challenging to make sense of it all. And that’s just how life works. The moments best enjoyed happen so fast and keep us on edge.

However, after you have a couple of years under your belt and things aren’t as wild as they used to be, you start noticing the changes in your body, both physically and mentally. You’re more wise, agreeable and are more concerned with settling down and finding your soulmate. But, when it comes to the physical aspect, a lot of us get embarrassed and are shocked by the appearance of wrinkles and smile lines.

Why Do Smile Lines Happen?

Now, depending on your lifestyle choices, these physical changes can come much faster or slower for others. And, despite how alarming they can be to realize, we should all understand that these changes are natural and aren’t some sort of curse by a mystical spell set to ruin our lives. But, we should also note the following reasons why they could be happening faster to us:

  • Lack of Water: Our skin relies on hydration to keep looking plump and healthy, and if we deprive it of this natural resource, then it’s only inevitable that the effects start to show. Over time, consciously drinking less water than you need can have a detrimental effect on your skin health, and the appearance of wrinkles and smile lines are but one of the byproducts.
  • Exposure To Sun: Much like how plants dry up when they don’t have water and stay under the scorching heat, the same effect takes place with our skin if it’s exposed to the sun for far too long. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little bit of vitamin D, but when there’s nothing between you and the UV rays, these can lead to wrinkles in the long-term.
  • Comes With Age: Lastly, they just happen because we get older. The skin isn’t as elastic as it used to be, and there’s a decreased production of natural oils that keeps them from being dry. Of course, this happens at different rates for people depending on our genes, but they will inevitably occur and get even the best of us.

How Do We Get Rid of Smile Lines?

Lucky for us, there are plenty of natural methods to fighting off wrinkles and getting rid of smile lines, and while it may take discipline to follow, the results are worthwhile. However, understand that we can only fix until a certain point, and none of these methods can turn you back to the glory days of being 20 years old. The best they can do is slowing down the effects of what’s happening to you now.

#1 Healthier Diet

Number one, you’ll want to switch up your diet plan and go for healthier options because a lot of what we eat tends to reflect on our physical body. Start saying no to all those not-so-healthy foodies and consciously decide to eat food that’s good for you and has long-lasting benefits. From delicious salads to trying a vegetarian diet, there’s plenty to experiment with.

  • Eat Food Rich in Collagen: Collagen is an integral component to strengthening the skin, keeping it tight, and promoting hydration. So, as much as possible, you’ll want to eat food that’s rich in collagen to keep you looking young. Fish, citrus fruits, garlic, and different forms of tea are great sources.
  • Drink More Water: Likewise, to stay hydrated and keep the skin healthy, you’ll want to drink more water and get at least a liter every day. Of course, you’ll want to drink more depending on your active lifestyle, but as a good rule of thumb, start replacing those sugary drinks with the more sensible mineral water.
  • Avoid Less Nutrient-Dense Food: Apart from collagen-rich food, moving away from less nutrient-dense food is also a good rule to follow. However, don’t go starting a low-fat meal plan because even healthy fat is important to keep the skin looking its best.

#2 Observe Proper Skincare Routine

Number two, if you want your skin to radiate goodness, then you’ll need to invest in a good skincare routine that will give it the opportunity to do so. Remember, it’s all a give-and-take framework, and if you give your skin the loving it deserves, then you can take the benefits of a healthy-looking glow.

  • Use Sunscreen: We cannot stress enough the importance of using sunscreen. The impact of the sun on our skin can be very damaging, and when exposed for too long without adamant protection, it can lead to long-lasting damage. So, be a good sport and get a sunscreen of at least SPF of 30, or more, if you know you’re staying out for long periods.
  • Never Forget to Moisturize: Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize. You see, when we use our facial washes and exfoliators, these products strip away our face and skin of natural moisture and oils. And, if your skincare routine fails to moisturize, you’re leaving it dry, dull, and at the mercy of wrinkles. So, don’t forget to indulge your skin with a good moisturizer in the morning and at night.
  • Consult With A Dermatologist: Look, there’s only so much skincare products and routines can do, and if problems persist, you’ll find it more worthwhile to consult with a dermatologist. These professionals can give you expert advice and diagnose if you’re experiencing any skin problems. So, if it gets out of control, don’t shy away from expert help!

#3 Engage in an Active Lifestyle

Lastly, if you want to keep the wrinkles and smile lines away, we strongly recommend engaging in an active lifestyle and participating in regular physical activity. All the cardio you’ll be doing and the resistance training for muscle growth will also promote good blood flow and keep skin cells healthy and vital.

You can also try doing face exercises every morning and night to help reduce wrinkle formation. Sure, it might look weird in the mirror, but the face holds very complex muscles that traditional exercise can’t hit. So, think less about how you’ll look in the mirror while doing them and more about the long-term benefits.

Other Treatment Options?

If none of the natural methods above work for you or you feel these wrinkles are holding you back and affecting your mental state, you can also opt for professional treatment. These fixes can take multiple appointments, but they can work a lot faster and even reverse any of the effects of aging.

  • Fillers and Laser Treatment: We suggest going for smile lines fillers because they are the most accessible option, and you don’t have to undergo surgery to experience the change. You can also try laser treatment, and while it will take time, the results are worthwhile.

Love Your Body!

Overall, we want to refocus any negative energy into loving your body. It’s the vessel to your soul and what allows you to do all the stuff you love. So, give it the love it deserves and try these methods yourself to bring out the best in you.

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