Seize the Moment: How to Enjoy Life and Live without Regrets

Many things could happen in just a snap. That is how things occur in one’s life. One day you are crying your eyes out, then the next day you woke up like nothing happened. Just a snap! 

There are days in our life where we just do nothing… like it passes like the wind without us realizing it. It is fine, you are not alone. It happens to me a lot. It is like my 20-year-old self was just there a moment ago then I blinked for a second, and voila! I’m now 26 years old. 


Some days feel like a decade. It is overwhelming to the point where you just want those days to pass by as fast as it can. Like we want to scratch it out and forget everything. It is fine to feel that way because like I said, you are not alone. We all experience these episodes in life. 

It is all normal.

They said treasure everything that happened and will happen in our life. All the bad days and good days… those experiences make us who we are today. But you know what is funny? We often take these things for granted, thinking that we have so much time in our hands…thinking that the same opportunity will knock on our door again. 

Without realizing it, we often let ourselves be drawn to the things that are not important at all. We spend a lot of our time thinking about the past. We spend too much time daydreaming about the future, about the things we wanted to have in life. 

The sad part here that we do not see is… thinking hard about the past will not do you any good. We cannot change it at all — past is past. Thinking about the future too much will not do you any good either because we often miss the present. 

In short, we always waste our time instead of treasuring the present.

We are so focused on the “what ifs” in our lives, in our past. We are so contented thinking about “what will happen” in our future. We are so obsessed with those thoughts that we often forget the “here” and the “now”. We waste our time thinking backward. We waste so many opportunities because we are worrying about the future. There is no “present” in our minds. The present that completes us…the result of our past steps and the key to whether our future will be good or bad. 

Seize the moment…stop, look and listen.

We all have a choice to change this. We can appreciate life. We can live without regrets. But for this to happen, we need to stop for a bit and think about “what am I doing right now?”, we need to look at how we deal with the things around us today and we need to listen to our inner minds, our inner selves saying “seize this moment and never miss a bit about it”.

Stop. Look. Listen. Three steps. These three steps could be our key to enjoy life. To live without regrets. 

However, there is always a but in every sentence. There will be times where we will feel like we want to halt the time, halt everything that we are doing, not to relax or to sort things out, but because we are just tired. Tired of the results that we are getting. I mean, what is the point of doing all those steps if the feedback is not what we are expecting? It is bad — we think.

But, what we do not realize is that every step…even if it is simple and small, all those results that we are receiving from that move is a formula to learn how to feel, how to see the present…how to seize the moment.

Simple ways to seize the moment

  • Be thankful. It is important to always show gratitude for the present. Be thankful that you wake up. Be thankful for your life. Be thankful for all the things that you experience because, one way or another, it has taught you lessons and it made you who you are today.
  • Don’t just be a dreamer. Go for the gold! I know it is scary to try new things but for you to take full advantage of life’s opportunities, you need to get out of your comfort zone and try going after your goals. 
  • Embrace the real you. We always feel the need to be accepted to the point where we choose to please other people than to give importance to our happiness. You need to stop this. Be you because that makes you be-you-tiful. Got it? Stop pretending and start expressing (the real you). Embracing your inner and outer beauty opens the door to happiness, contentment, and peace. 
  • Saying no. Say no to the things you do not like, to the things that suffocate you. Yes, this is so hard for many of us. We often feel like we did something really bad if we disagreed with other people’s opinions but always saying yes can be a killer — a killer of happiness and opportunities. Start saying no. It’s OKAY. Grab the opportunity to voice out what you think so there will be no what-ifs and regret at the end of the day.

Enjoying life to the fullest can be a REAL challenge for many of us but if we start now and it becomes a habit, the result will be worth it. Take note of that!

Seize the moment and live without regrets

Live without I mean, we all have regrets in life. There are things that if we have a chance to turn back time, we will gladly ride a time machine to go back and change it. 

Over the years, I spend much of my time dwelling on all the misunderstandings and faulty judgments I have made in the past. I spend most of my time regretting it and thinking about how I should have faced it, hoping that things were different. I beat myself up over the things I have done before. 

But you know what I realized? Whenever I look back to my past just to rethink over and over again the mistakes I’ve made, the memories of today go away so fast like a speed train. As time passed by, I realized that thinking backward and dreaming about smoothing out the tangled pieces of my past is the main culprit of why I usually miss the gift of today. We live in regret that we often forget that what’s important right now is the present.

That’s when I decided, I have to free myself from regrets and live a positive life. How did I do it?

  • Have something to look forward to every day. Have a purpose. 
  • Never compare yourself to others. Never push yourself down the well. 
  • Be a survivor. Never give up. We all make mistakes. Life is full of storms but only the strong ones can survive and you are one of them. Keep that in mind.
  • Stop saying I can’t. Stop making excuses just because you think you can’t do it. Start saying I CAN. 

Living without regrets was impossible for me. It was hard to not dwell on your past mistakes especially if it has a big impact on your life. But, I was able to survive it. I was able to focus on what’s happening today. If I can do it, why can’t you?

Seize the moment and enjoy life

Did you know that it is so easy to enjoy life? No? Why? Because of the expectations you set for yourself? Is enjoying life for you means shopping all you want? Having a lot of money? Being in love? Well, unfortunately, these things are not on my Bucket List to enjoy life to the fullest. What I wrote is super simple, we have all done this when we were kids…live in the moment

When we were kids, we treasure even the day our mother agreed to buy us an ice cream cone. Now that we’re adults, sadly, we often take things for granted. We forget to stop for a while and enjoy breathing. 

It is never too late to rethink our approach in life. We can still seize the moment and enjoy life to the fullest even when all our hair strands are already white. 

Living in the moment means treating every second of your life like shooting stars or like a one-shot deal that will never happen again. This is the main ingredient of enjoying life to the fullest — be in the moment.

  • Learn to let go. Say goodbye to all the things that worry you and be positive. “Positive people attract positive results”, as what they say. 
  • Break the rules. Do something new, something that you thought you could never do. 
  • Appreciate the things around you. 
  • Spend time not just with your friends and family, but with yourself as well. 
  • Strikeout the things that make you feel bad. 
  • Meditate. Breathe in and breathe out. Practice mindfulness. 

Final thoughts…

Seizing the moment does not mean you just have to be there, it means enjoying every second of your life and enjoying all the things that are happening now. 

A life filled with happiness, peace, and contentment is a result of learning how to appreciate the present. We are not looking back anymore and we are not worrying about what tomorrow might bring us because what’s important is this moment, the “present”. 

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