Wake Up Easier By Listening to Wake Up In the Morning Song

As you advance in age, getting enough sleep is becoming more difficult. This results in feeling less refreshed and rested in the morning. It is even worse if you wake up to the buzzing sound of an alarm clock that could turn your day unpleasant. You may be wondering how to wake up in the morning easier? We recommend that you shift to the soothing sound of music by setting your alarm clock to a wake up in the morning song. Not only will you feel relaxed but it will also affect your overall state of mind.

Five Reasons Why Wake Up in The Morning Song Is Good For You

  1.  Wake up in the morning song will make you happy

It all boils down to the basic truth that music makes everyone happy, regardless of age, skin color, cultural, and religious beliefs.

Several studies have concluded how music makes us feel better. For this reason, why would you choose a buzzing alarm sound rather than the sound of soothing and calming music, right? How to wake up in the morning easier is by setting the tone of your alarm clock from the beep, beep, beep to a song like ‘you make me feel like a natural woman by Aretha Franklin’.

2.   Wake up in the morning song improves brain functions

Your brain begins to work in the morning as soon as you hear a beautiful song. How to wake up in the morning easier? Try to imagine waking up each morning to the sound of your fave song, isn’t that a wonderful feeling? Singing along with your fave songs helps your brain function better and clearer.

Did you know that singing is beneficial for your mental and cognitive functioning? That said, jump out of the bed, take a shower and start a concert in your bathroom. After all, your health is affected in a positive way if you wake up in the morning song.

3.   Wake up in the morning song lowers your cortisol levels

If you are unfamiliar with the term cortisol, well, it is a stress hormone that works with some parts of your brain to control your emotions like fear and mood. Too much cortisol in your bloodstream will lead to anxiety, increased stress levels which we all know contribute to bad health.

One of the ways to bring down your cortisol level is by listening to the calming sound of music. By this, it means that your choice of song is purely subjective. In fact, even if you are listening to the hard rock songs of Bon Jovi, it is okay for as long as the songs make you feel relaxed upon waking up in the morning.  Thus, it is better for you if you start your mornings by waking up to your favorite music genre and that is a good way on how to wake up in the morning easier.

4.  Wake up in the morning song strengthens your immunity

According to one study conducted by Sussex University, the level of antibodies in the bloodstream of volunteers went up after listening to uplifting dance songs for a period of fifty minutes. This only means that by listening and waking up to your fave morning songs, you can enjoy the same results, that is, increased resistance to sickness.

5.   Wake up in the morning song makes you more creative

It does not matter if you are working for an art gallery or not, each one of us needs to increase our creative juices to be more productive in our respective line of work. But, how can you achieve that goal if you will wake up to the sound of the deafening buzz of your alarm clock? How to wake up in the morning easier and more creative with ideas? By listening to your favorite music upon waking up in the morning.

So, girl, there you go, those are the reasons why you have to update your alarm clock phone settings. Get your day started beautifully and creatively if you will wake up in the morning song.

In this next section, we want to talk to you about how you can sleep better by altering your daily habits that have a direct effect on your sleep cycle.

How To Wake Up In The Morning Easier?

If you are having a hard time waking up in the morning, we’d like to help by giving you tips on how you can have a sound sleep so you can wake up easier. Your sleep difficulty may be caused by any of the following:

  • Issues like sleepwalking and night terrors may hinder you from having a good night’s sleep
  • Sleep apnea causes stop-gap in breathing while asleep
  • Depression
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Medicines like muscle relaxants and beta-blockers
  • Chronic pain
  • Circadian rhythm sleep disorders

How to wake up when you are still feeling tired? There are various ways that you can do to make waking up in the morning a breeze like the following:

  1.  Establish a sleep schedule

The best way on how to wake up in the morning easier is by having a fixed schedule of sleeping and waking up. Figure out how much sleep your body needs in order for you to function productively the day after. For some, 8 hours of sleep is necessary but it can less for some.

Stick to your sleep schedule, even on weekends so your body is programmed to wake up at a certain time in the morning. So, if you go to bed at 10 in the evening and then wake up at 5 in the morning, make it a habit to be in bed at 10. In that way, you are telling your brain that it’s time for you to sleep so you’d be awake and feel refreshed at 5 in the morning.

2.   Establish a bedtime routine

The best way to improve your bedtime routine is to avoid drinking coffee, tea, and alcohol 6 hours before your scheduled bedtime. Also, avoid using devices like your cellphone because what you want to avoid is the blue light emission from these gadgets.

Instead, indulge in relaxing activities like reading a good book or have a warm bath just before you go to bed.

3.   Exercise

Engaging in physical activities like jogging has been proven effective in battling insomnia.

4.  Sunlight

Having enough sun exposure will help regulate your circadian rhythm and improve the quality of your sleep.

If you wake up in the morning song, make an effort to go outdoors because sunlight is a good mood booster throughout the day. Not only that, sunshine in the morning resets your body clock and maintains your circadian rhythm.

5.  Eat a light dinner

You should only have a light dinner in order to avoid putting pressure on your oesophageal sphincter when you are lying down. This is the body muscle that is located at the end of your esophagus. It is also ideal that you eat dinner 2 hours before your bedtime to ensure that the food you’ve consumed has been properly digested.

Additionally, avoid drinking too much liquid so you won’t be bothered too much by bathroom breaks.

6.  Ideal sleep environment

You can sleep better if your bedroom is dark and quiet, comfy beddings, and by setting the thermostat to an ideal temperature.

With these tips that we’ve shared, we hope that you’d be able to sleep better in the coming days. And, of course, don’t forget to set your alarm to the soothing sound of a wake up in the morning song that you can listen to while you are prepping up for your day-to-day activities.

A List of Wake Up in The Morning Song That Will Perk You Up

  1.  Brave-Sara Bareilles

Yes, girl, you’d feel brave and ready to conquer the day by listening to this song in the morning. In fact, this awesome wake up in the morning song was also used by then Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton as her entrance song during one of her campaigns. The message of this song is they we can all try to be stronger and shine a light on some better things ahead.

2.   Lovely Day-Bill Withers

If you are feeling down and discouraged in the morning, why don’t you try singing this uplifting wake up in the morning song and for sure you would face the world in a lovelier way.

3.   Beautiful-Christina Aguilera

How to wake up in the morning easier and with self-confidence? Listen to this song that talks about embracing your weaknesses, flaws, and your insecurities. You are beautiful in spite of your imperfections.

4.   Walking on Sunshine-Katrina & The Waves

A classic wake up in the morning song that will never fail to perk you up and makes you feel good all day long.

5.   Good Morning-Kanye West

What a better way to start your morning than by listening to this confidence-boosting song?

6.  The Cure-Lady Gaga

This pulsating song by Lady Gaga will definitely help you wake up in the morning easier. The message of this wake up in the morning song is that whatever you are going through with your life, it will get cured by your love.

7.  I Smile-Kirk Franklin

A gospel wake up in the morning song that will inspire you to do good to others. The message of this beautiful song is to live your life based on God’s words.

8.  Happy Face-Destiny’s Child

The best way on how to wake up easier is by listening to songs that tap the inner child in you. To appreciate small and seemingly unimportant events in your life. To be always grateful and remain happy.

All of these songs and many more are available at Amazon Music.


Having enough sleep is important for your well-being. You can think clearly and can form a positive interrelationship. But, if you are having a hard time going to bed, follow the tips we shared above. Plus, it helps if you set your alarm tone to wake up in the morning song to help you face your day with enthusiasm and zest.

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