Getting Productive: Natural Ways to Overcome Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

We all understand the significance of being productive; it means we get things done, meet our quotas, work on our goals, and overall just makes us live very fulfilling lives. And nothing beats crashing onto your bed knowing you’ve done so much today and that you deserve every bit of rest and relaxation you’re going to get tonight.

However, with most people stuck at home and still latching onto their binge-watching habits and couch potato ways, more and more people are at the mercy of excessive daytime sleepiness. As a result, it eats up their productive time and prevents them from getting anything done, ultimately forcing more crunch time and causing more sleepless nights. And, if we don’t put an end to this problem anytime soon, it could lead to more dangerous scenarios such as when you’re in the driver’s seat.

Why Does Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Happen?

For the most part, excessive daytime sleepiness and that immediate drowsiness you get from either waking up or reaching the afternoon slump is all due to your lifestyle choices. It’s the accumulation of all the bad habits you’ve been practicing and all the external pressures placed on your body. For this reason, we can cite the following causes;

  • You’re Sleep Deprived: Look, don’t expect to wake up in the morning feeling like superman if you’ve been practicing an aberrant sleep schedule. The body needs its time to relax and recuperate the energy lost, so taking away that much-needed rest will have its consequences. And, when you overindulge in many late-night events, your sleepiness seeps into the daytime.
  • You’re Too Stressed: A troubled mind can never catch a break, and when you’re too stressed over plenty of things, this can prevent your brain from going into deep sleep mode. People who are overstressed and overloaded with responsibilities wake up multiple times at night, which means they’re not getting any proper sleep at all.
  • Underlying Medical Conditions: In extreme cases, excessive daytime sleepiness can be linked to an underlying medical condition that causes discomfort or prevents the body from getting any rest. Unless you make an appointment with a doctor, natural methods will only reduce but never fully solve the problem.

How to Solve Excessive Daytime Sleepiness?

Lucky for us, there are plenty of natural methods available that can help reduce that risk of excessive daytime sleepiness and even completely solve it. Sure, it may seem like a detrimental problem that plagues every busybody on Earth, but a bit of self-loving and dedication can go a long way. So, before you go to the extremes, we strongly recommend making the following lifestyle changes.

#1 Engage In Regular Physical Activity

Ah yes, exercise isn’t only good for reaching your body physique goals, but it’s also perfect for solving drowsiness and unnecessary sleepiness during the daytime. So, one excellent method that guarantees a quick-fix is simply getting your workouts in and breaking a sweat. Plus, you also get the benefit of looking and feeling better, which is something everyone can appreciate.

  • Keeps You Awake: Regular physical activity gets the blood pumping and gets you moving, waking up those sleepy muscles and preparing them for the day ahead. Exercise releases feel-good endorphins into your system that keep your mind alert and trickle into every other part of the body. So, you can either match this with your schedule in the morning or insert it in the afternoon to fight the slump.
  • Encourages Good Sleep: If you have trouble getting good sleep, a good workout can drain your body of energy and help it transition into proper sleep mode. Since you feel satisfied and fulfilled from breaking a sweat, you’re more likely to get in those much-need Zs and a full eight hours. So, it’s a natural treatment for sleepless nights.

#2 Keep Yourself Preoccupied

Another easy way to get rid of that unneeded sleepiness is by keeping yourself preoccupied and redirecting your focus on fun and exciting things. You don’t want to be mindlessly scrolling through your feed or just crashing on the couch because these things only reinforce your excessive daytime sleepiness. We recommend doing something productive to keep your mind awake and also require creativity.

  • Try Cooking New Recipes: We all enjoy taking a bite out of good food, so why not try new cooking recipes and work on your inner MasterChef? Sure, it may take a few couple tries before you can call a dish excellent, but the fun of experimenting with ingredients and flavors is sure to keep you awake. Plus, if the process doesn’t get you, then the aroma of delicious food is sure to trigger a spark!
  • Invest in A New Hobby: If cooking isn’t your thing, then why not use the extra time you have to invest in a new hobby? Whether it’s trying your hand at digital art or maybe learning a thing or two about coding, hobbies engage brain activity and keep you occupied. And with all the new things you’re learning, you’ll hardly have any time to feel sleepy.

#3 Set a Nighttime Routine

Although the Internet appears oversaturated with sleep rituals, we can’t deny how effective a nighttime routine can be at preparing your body for sleep. If you can properly prepare your mind right before you go to bed, you’ll be more inclined to get those juicy eight hours of goodness. And, like we’ve mentioned before, getting good sleep is at the core of fighting daytime sleepiness because sleep deprivation is often the number one culprit.

  • Practice Self-Care: A great way to unwind and prepare your mind for relaxation is practicing self-care. Whether it’s washing your face, trimming your beard, or having a lavish bath, anything that can help you relax is a perfect candidate. Just try not to indulge too much because you might end up sleeping in the bathroom instead.
  • Stay Away From The Phone: Yes, we know how tempting it can be to pick up your phone and just scroll through your newsfeed right before you go to bed. But, all that exposure to artificial light can trick your mind that it’s already morning and completely switch you off from sleep mode. So, keep the gadgets away and leave them for the morning.

What If These Don’t Work?

On the off-chance that these natural methods don’t work for you, there are extra steps you can try to help fight excessive time sleepiness. But, remember that these options should be exercised after exhausting all the ones mentioned above, so don’t go trying to jump straight away here.

  • Try Over-The-Counter Medication: Supplements and medication are an effective alternative to getting some good sleep. One example is getting Melatonin pills that help regulate a healthy sleep cycle and encourage deep sleep. So, try asking your local pharmacy what OTC options they have to solve sleepiness.
  • Meet A Sleep Specialist: If over-the-counter medication doesn’t work, we recommend meeting a sleep specialist or getting checked by a doctor to find out if you have any underlying medical conditions preventing you from getting a good night’s rest. There’s only so much lifestyle changes can do for you if you have something far more serious causing your sleepiness.

Productivity is Important

With all of us stuck at home, we can’t afford to let laziness and sleepiness get the better of us and steal away our time. Productivity is important, especially in our new normal, so be sure to try all these natural methods to overcoming excessive daytime sleepiness.

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