What Kills Cockroaches Instantly? Cleaning & Dealing With Pests

Nothing beats the satisfaction you get from cleaning around the house, vacuuming without care, making sure there’s no dust left wandering about, and double-checking the sofa in case some of the doggo’s fur was still left clinging on to the pillows. However, if there’s one thing that can make anyone scream like a kid who didn’t get to blow their candles out on their birthday is when a cockroach comes rushing from out beneath a piece of furniture and starts running around the home.

Without a doubt, almost 99.9% of the population hates cockroaches apart from the exotic pet owners who need them as food for their chameleons and geckos. And the last place you ever want to see them is inside your house because it could potentially mean there’s more hiding right underneath your nose, and you might have an infestation on your hand. So, to help alleviate this shared issue we have on pests, today, we’ll be learning how you can instantly get rid of cockroaches.

Tip #1 – Monitor And Maintain Every Corner

Before anything else, we always go back to our roots and cover all of our tracks through monitoring and maintaining every corner of the house with a deep clean. If there’s anything you can associate cockroaches with then, it’s an unkempt house with the mess lying around everywhere, and deep cleaning your home will point you right in the direction of where all these little pests are holding up and multiplying.

  • Make The House Spotless: While we like to assume that we’ve made the home spotless, the naked eye can be very deceiving, and we are all subject to some lazy episodes where we leave some spots untouched because it would take a lot of effort. However, if you want to get to the bottom of this cockroach issue and get rid of them as soon as possible, then you’ll need to dedicate time and energy to clean every nook and cranny they could be hiding inside.
  • Get Rid Of Any Damp Areas: Cockroaches love staying around damp areas, and if you’ve noticed one thing about them, it’s that you’ll always track their steps back to a very wet part of the home like a bathroom that’s been left uncleaned or maybe someplace in the basement. As such, it is necessary that you clean and straighten things out to prevent any more from barging into your home and calling it theirs.
  • Throw Out Food That’s Gone Bad: We all love having a full pantry and a fridge stocked well enough for two to three weeks, but when we overlook food that’s gone bad, this can definitely attract more cockroaches. So, to keep you on the roach-free side of the world, we strongly recommend cleaning out your kitchen and throwing away all the food that’s gone bad.

Tip #2 – Create Anti-Roach Home Remedies

Once you’ve dabbled in your fair share of deep cleaning your home, your next order of business is to create anti-roach home remedies that will keep them from coming back and potentially kick them out of the house. Lucky for us, a lot of readily available home products work wonders against these little pests, which means you won’t have any trouble making them. Plus, on the off-chance that you don’t have these ingredients, one quick stop to the grocery store is no big problem either.

  • Use Bay Leaves: Apart from the tremendous benefits of bay leaves as medical treatment or ingredient in your recipes, it’s also an excellent cockroach repellent that will keep them away. Cockroaches hate the smell of essential oils, and crushed bay leaves are no exception, so a couple of them lying around critical areas of your home will keep them roach-free. However, don’t grow too dependent on them because they are only as powerful when you keep the place clean and spotless.
  • Spray Some Vinegar With Peppermint Oil: Another excellent anti-roach remedy is mixing two parts white vinegar with one part peppermint oil in a bottle and spray generous amounts in trouble areas. The vinegar and peppermint oil mixture will work as an effective cleaning agent while holding essential oil properties that cockroaches find very annoying. So, you end up hitting two birds with one stone because you’re making it clean and ensuring that the cockroaches don’t come back.

Tip #3 – Set DIY Anti-Roach Traps

Although anti-roach remedies can work wonders for your home, we also recommend setting up DIY anti-roach traps if you’re dealing with a special case where you’re not too sure of a growing infestation vs. an existing infestation. Cockroach traps are especially effective against multiple roaches in a room because they’ll just fall right into your hands and won’t have any means of escape. As a result, you can quickly dispose of them in any way you deem appropriate.

  • A Duct Tape Trap: Setting up a duct tape trap is pretty simple, and, as the name suggests, all you need is a strip of duct tape and some fatty or sugary food to use as cockroach bait. First, cut the strip of duct tape you’ll use and fold it an inch inward on both sides to make it easy to pick up and throw away. Next, you’ll place the cockroach bait dead-center and wait overnight to check the results. Roaches will be attracted to the food you leave out, but they’ll get stuck onto the duct tape before they get any chance of escape.
  • A Jar And Petroleum Jelly: Another excellent anti-roach trap is using a jar and some petroleum jelly. Put your cockroach bait inside the jar, leaving the lid open, and smother the inside with petroleum jelly, especially in the mouth area, to make it extra slidey and impossible to grip. When you leave this out overnight, cockroaches will be attracted to the food and will fall right into the jar, and because the walls of the jar are smothered with petroleum jelly, they won’t be able to escape.

Tip #4 – Get Professional Help

Last but not least, if you think you have something much more serious on your hands that simple DIY traps, home remedies, and a good clean won’t be able to solve, then we strongly recommend getting professional help. There’s only so much you can achieve on your own if you’re dealing with a serious roach infestation, and you might have a lot more going on behind the walls that you won’t typically have the tools to reach. So, make the smarter decision of getting professional help and have pest control survey your home thoroughly.

Of Course, Store-Bought Products Also Work

If you want to go the more accessible route to getting rid of all the cockroaches, then the typical insecticide and roach traps that you can buy off the shelves also work just fine. They’re very easy to use and can guarantee a level of success given that they are tested. However, some cockroaches don’t exhibit any negative effects from certain insecticides and end up passing that gene on as you do away with those affected. So, don’t think that you can replace cleaning with a spray of here and there. You still need to abide by the due diligence of keeping your home spotless and in clean conditions.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

Overall, there are many ways to get rid of and instantly kill cockroaches; however, prevention is always better than cure, and we recommend solving the problem before it becomes a bigger issue. Make it a habit to give your home a deep cleaning at least once or twice a month and double-check places that are prone to becoming damp or homes for these little pests. Apart from that, be sure to apply the tips above to keep them away for good.

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