House Fixes: How to Get Rid Of Musty Smell in Basement

Every home is unique, from the grandstanding and award-winning houses to the comfy and cozy wooden cottages; there are numerous houses across the world that people call their lovely abode. And, while some are more valuable than others, if there’s one thing we all can agree on, it’s the fact that we love our houses and we’ll do everything we possibly can to make them beautiful and be a fantastic roof above our heads.

However, while we strongly advocate keeping the house clean and tidying things up on a regular schedule, we also won’t deny that some places are just a headache to handle and never quite seem to get better. Yes, today we’ll be tackling one of the worst housekeeping nightmares, a musty-smelling basement. And we’ll be learning how you can get rid of this musty smell for good.

It Smells Awful, But It’s Not Impossible

To address the elephant in the room, yes, it is possible to resolve this musty-smelling issue, regardless of how awful a stench it may be. However, we also need to understand that simply cleaning and tidying up the basement will do us no good because that musty smell will keep coming back. First, we must find the source of this bad odor and strike it at the roots. So, before we can move any further, we must eliminate the origins behind the foul smell.

1. Check For Water Leaks

Most musty-smelling basements stem from one culprit, wet and humid conditions. And one way to get rid of this foul odor is by tracing back any potential areas that could’ve caused it, one of which is water leaks. So, for our first plan of attack, check around the pipes that could’ve gotten damaged over time. Wear and tear can do a number on these pipelines, so evaluate how bad or tolerable the situation can be handled.

  • Do Some DIY: For relatively small problems and small breaks, most people can get away with a bit of DIY and effort. All you have to do is plug the gaps and seal them real-good to prevent any further leaking, and after a couple of minutes, you can get to cleaning. Of course, don’t expect it to look perfect. Whatever gets the job done should work fine.
  • Call In A Professional: Likewise, if the damage and leakage are far more serious than you anticipated, then we recommend stepping away from any DIY ideas and calling in a professional to do the work. You don’t want to risk missing something crucial and end up overlooking stuff you’ll regret. Remember, severe leakage can compromise the entire structural fidelity of a home, so no funny business. In times like these, it’s much better to leave it to the experts.

2. Air Everything Out

In some cases, a basement might just need some extra love and care, and by extra, we mean really going out of your way, pushing all the stops, and setting aside a good long weekend to clean stuff up. As we’ve mentioned before, moisture and humid environments are the biggest culprits behind a musty-smelling basement, so the direct solution would be to air everything out and get to some serious cleaning.

  • Open The Windows: If your basement is equipped with any windows, these can make the job much easier on you and lessen the effort required. Open them up and make sure to dry out the place, using the time to throw away all the trash and give it a good deep cleaning. As a last note, if you’re big on using great-smelling humidifiers, we suggest leaving them out of the basement unless you have other plans for it.
  • Use A Fan: For the basements that unfortunately don’t have any windows, don’t be too worried because there’s nothing a bit of ingenuity can’t solve. You’ll want to keep the door open and use a fan to help air everything out and get it that drying service it’s been dying to have. However, fair warning about the smell getting everywhere, so keep the windows upstairs open as well.

3. Molds Are Evil

From causing allergies to inflicting someone with serious illness, molds are the bane of any household and are among the significant reasons we do our best to keep our homes clean and tidy. Unlike your regular pile of dirt or the casual dust bunnies underneath the couch, mold can cause respiratory problems, and some types are capable of producing poisonous substances that make you sick. Plus, they are also a leading suspect behind musty-smelling basements, so it’s best to get rid of them.

  • A Bit Of Elbow Grease: Lucky for us, there are plenty of common household items and products that can get the job done pretty efficiently. One method uses undiluted white vinegar, which can kill up to 82 percent of all the mold spores. And, for the rest, you can create a mixture of bleach and water to guarantee that all the nooks and crannies are clean. However, be ready to sweat quite a bit because this job will need a bit of elbow grease.
  • Mold Removal Services: Of course, if you notice any severe collection of molds gathering in specific parts of your basement, we wouldn’t recommend doing all that cleaning yourself. The last thing we want to happen is putting you at any risk of respiratory problems, so it’s much better to leave this to the excerpts. There are plenty of mold removal services available everywhere, so call your local sanitary professional and let them take care of the job.

Next Goal: Keeping It Clean

Lastly, all this work would be for naught if the musty smell and dirt build-up just kept coming back, right? And, none of us would like to go through the same hassle of inspection, evaluation, allocating a weekend, just to do it all over again. So, the sensible next goal would be to keep it clean, and to do that; you have a range of choices to choose from:

Tip #1: Purge Unnecessary Things

Our first recommendation would be to purge unnecessary things from your basement and try to make it as spotless as possible. You see, cramming too much stuff inside your basement is just not good practice, and with the main problem out of the way, you don’t have any excuse to pass either. So, take the time to go through your belongings and declutter to your heart’s content. All that extra space will give a bit more breathing room and help prevent any unwanted musty smell from coming back.

Tip #2: Consider A Good Renovation

Of course, an effective way of dealing with a bad-smelling basement is through a good old-fashioned renovation. Realistically speaking, having all that space downstairs stand idle and go to waste is not doing you or your family any good, so it wouldn’t hurt to get a renovation. And, with all that extra space to work with, you can design extra rooms, maybe a lounge area, or possibly a cozy cinema. Plus, it’s an excellent way of appreciating the home’s value, which makes it a sensible financial decision as well.

Get To Work

In conclusion, a musty-smelling basement may be quite a handful to deal with, not to mention the awful stench, but it’s not something you can’t overcome with a bit of time and effort. Sure, it’ll shave off a good weekend, but investing a bit of hard work will save you any future headaches down the line. Furthermore, getting to work now can open up plenty of opportunities for designing and renovation, which might just be what you need to stay motivated this 2021.

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