High End Kitchen Faucets Reviews, Top Brands and What Should You Look For in The Market 2021

If you are on your way to renovating or improving your home, one of your concerns is choosing what kind of kitchen faucet you should be installing. More often than not, your choice is congruent with the overall design of the house. During the planning stage of home improvement, most homeowners fail to plan on the smaller details that have an impact on the everyday use of the space, such as the kitchen faucet.

One of the biggest problems in deciding what type of kitchen faucet to buy is the budget. Yes, you can opt to choose the cheapest in the market but the question is will this kitchen faucet provide you with the essential functionality of an apparatus that is often used in the house? In the end, though you may choose to purchase a bargain model, there are a lot of functional and better looking high end kitchen faucets 2021 that is worth splurging on for your next kitchen home improvement.

What Should You Look For in High end Kitchen Faucets?

1. Kind of kitchen faucet

There are various kinds of high end kitchen faucets 2021 to choose from. First is the pull-down kitchen faucets that come with detachable spray heads and long necks and noses. What’s nice about this kind of kitchen faucet is that you can control the water pressure using just one hand. This allows you to multitask like spraying water in the dirty sink area and at the same time, you can use your other hand scrubbing the dishes. Not to forget that these types of high end kitchen faucets are compatible with almost all types of kitchen sinks.

And there’s also the pull-out kitchen faucet that you can consider on your home improvement project. These ones have shorter sprouts than the pull-down but the hose is longer so you can move it in various directions.

The third kind is either the single-handled or the double-handled high end kitchen faucets 2021. Some are even touchless or motion-controlled.

There are many high end kitchen faucets brands that are being developed right now that allow voice commands but the application is still being tested.

2. Kind of cartridges

By directing the handle, you control the cartridge of the kitchen faucet. That said, the cartridge is an important mechanical component of a kitchen faucet. The main task of a cartridge is to close and open the water’s pathway system. There are two types of cartridges, either the single or the dual function.

The single function only allows a single line of water for both hot and cold. On the other hand, the dual function cartridge allows you to control two lines of water supply at the same time using just one lever. In this case, the hot and cold water are mixed before flowing out from the spout.

3. Controls

When deciding on which high end kitchen faucets brands would you choose, one concern is if the touchless or motion sensor control is worth the buy.

Are you always busy that turning on the kitchen faucet with your hand is a challenge? Are you a health-conscious person who does not want to touch frequently touched surfaces like a kitchen faucet handle? If yes, we encourage you to read on high end kitchen faucet reviews specifically the one with motor sensor control feature.

4.  Useful features

A lot of the pull-down kitchen faucets have different water spraying functions. For instance, the concentrated water stream allows for extra pressure during the final rinse. Then the boosted water flow allows shortening filling tasks.

Then, there is also the water save feature of the different kinds of high end kitchen faucets brands. A lot of the motion sensor control have the auto shut-off that automatically turns off the water after several minutes. The newer models even have an improved motion sensor feature that restricts accidental water flow activation which is the better choice if you have pets in the house.

The other useful features of high end kitchen faucets 2021 are temperature indicators, head-docking support, and improved seals.

5.  Mounting Holes

There are kitchen faucets that allow for just one mounting hole for installation, others may require to up to five. If currently, you do not have enough mounting holes on your countertop, you may have to resort to additional cut-outs for your kitchen home improvement.

But the typical mounting styles are sink mounted, wall mounted, and countertop mounted.

Those are the factors that you need to look into when looking for high end kitchen faucets. You may think that they are a lot but what you have to think about is your convenience the ease of using the kitchen faucet. To make it easier for you to decide, we have come up with high end kitchen reviews and hopefully, you’d be able to find it easier to search the perfect kitchen faucet for your home improvement project.

High End Kitchen Faucets Reviews

Here is list of the high end kitchen faucets brands that are worth splurging on:

1. Delta faucet 9178T-AR-DST kitchen sink faucet

This kitchen faucet is a real beauty and toughness rolled into one. The craftsmanship is superb and comes with touch activation technology. Let’s talk a bit more…

A pull-down and touch-operated high end kitchen faucet, it is constructed with solid brass and stands at 15 inches high. Whatever your home design is, you can find one that can blend well with the over-all design of the kitchen because it is available in four options namely: classic Venetian bronze, chrome, arctic steel, and fine spot shield stainless steel.

The tap utilizes a diamond embedded ceramic cartridge that significantly reduces water leaks and faucet’s wear and tear for one million cycles. Just so you know, the industry standard is only 500,000 cycles. That said, this product is definitely one of the good investments for high end kitchen faucets 2021 for your home improvement endeavor.


  • Auto shutoff
  • Touch sensor
  • LED light indicator for water temp and battery status
  • Multiple water spray modes

2. Moen arbor 7594E

If what you are looking for are hands-free and pull-down high end kitchen faucets brands, then you’d never go wrong with the Moen arbor 7594E.

You would fall in love with its tall height of 15.5 inches in a full metal body sleek appearance. The spout is curved making it more attractive in your improved kitchen design. You can choose from three finishes namely: spot resist stainless, chrome, and brushed bronze.

Did we say that it is hands-free? The best choice to prevent the spread of germs in your household. In fact, it does not have one but two sensors located at the base and at the top of the neck.

The other distinguishing features are dual spray modes and the easy connect joints that swiftly connects the cartridge with the spout. What’s more to love about this high end kitchen faucet? It is ADA compliant, meaning, it is safe and easy to use by persons with disabilities.


  • Motion sensors
  • Modern design
  • Simple connections

3. Kraus Nola KPF-1650 kitchen faucet

Are you looking for a commercial-style kitchen faucet in your home? Why not give this product a good look? Here’s why:

It may not look as pretty but it is loaded with functionalities that other brands do not have like its tall height of 26.25 inches. It is what others call constructed in a commercial style because the neck of the spout is made of spring.

The body is made of brass and it is finished with either stainless steel plating or chrome. Thus, you can sure to rely on this high end kitchen faucet for the many years to come.


  • Made with a responsive neck
  • Constructed with full metal material

4. Brizo artesso 63225LF with articulating arm

The design is one of the unique high end kitchen faucets brands in the market today. It has that industrial vibe appeal of the early part of the 20th century. It has a jointed armature that can serve as the center of attention in your kitchen home improvement.

It comes with a practical 360-degree swivel body and the hose is constructed with a semi-flexible rubber, thus, making this product so easy to use. Moreover, it is built with an articulating arm and has an adjustable dual-jointed scaffolding that allows this high end kitchen faucet to cover a wide range of stance. In short, you’d be able to adjust the height and the reach of the spout.


  • Low maintenance
  • Magnetic docking
  • Elegant and unique design

5. Kohler K-R23863-SD-VS motif kitchen sink faucet

One of the best high end kitchen faucets 2021, it is a pull-down kind that permits you to control water with your one hand and then reaches beyond the sink for other tasks with your other hand. Talk about multitasking.

It has two spray head functions that are stream and sweep water spray technology. And, since it is made with ceramic disc valves that exceed the industry standard, this kitchen faucet will stay with you for a very long time.


  • Highly durable
  • Easy to install
  • Magnetic docking

High End Kitchen Faucets Brands that Are Worth Your Money

1.  Delta Faucet

The Delta brand has been around for many years but up to now, the brand never fails to get a two-thumbs up from its loyal followers.

Not only is Delta’s brand famous for its product quality, design, and technology, but Delta’s customer support is unmatched.

Delta gives the customers for their high end kitchen faucets a lifetime limited warranty. Repairs and replacements are usually free of charge.

2.  Moen

The Moen brand wouldn’t be Delta’s rival if not for its high quality products.

These are the first few brands that introduced motion sensor technology in the kitchen department. And, same as Delta, the Moen also has superb customer support.

3.  Kraus

Not everyone is not yet familiar with this brand but it is slowly taking its name to the highest level of high end kitchen faucets. The brand makes sure that all the products will get the highest customer satisfaction based on the built, appearance, and functionality of the kitchen faucets.

4.  Brizo

Why choose the Brizo brand? Yes, the products are pricey but what you get are top quality faucets that are of cutting edge technology. The kitchen faucets are game changers because of a one-of-a-kind design coupled with durability and easy to use features.

5.  Kohler

The kitchen faucet line of Kohler is elegant and comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Kohler is famous for its quality products and innovative high end kitchen features that will make your kitchen task a breeze.


As a homeowner, one of the areas in your home that you should splurge on is the kitchen faucet. It is used all the time and this is why when choosing, go only for the high end kitchen faucets 2021 with positive reviews, like the ones we reviewed above.

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