How to Know If A Girl Likes You But Is Hiding It and Get Their Attention (3 Signs)

The dating world is vast and filled with many beautiful experiences, but many people miss out on a lot of potential relationships because they can’t pick up on the subtle signs someone is showing. Sure, you could give them the benefit of the doubt that they won’t know unless someone is direct, but everyone’s got a different way of showing their infatuation. So, we can’t really call them out as well because we all got our varying love languages.

A common trend in this subject matter is when a girl secretly likes you but shows in it many different ways that you might fail to notice. So, to help you read in between the lines and pick up on these subtle signs, we’ll be going over some of the easiest to spot out and what they could potentially mean. Plus, we’ll even tell you how to get their attention and work your way from there!

#1 Her Friends Know A Bit Too Much About You

Everyone’s got a friend or two, and, for the most part, you can guarantee that only your close circle of friends knows everything about you. However, when her friends start sharing information that you don’t remember telling them or know about quirky stories between you and said girl, then this is a sign that she might secretly like you. Remember, she wouldn’t have any intention or reason to share stuff about you with her friends unless she’s looking for advice or you’ve caught her attention.

  • The Conversation Always Leads To You: Conversations are fun, and there’s nothing inherently romantic or lovey-dovey about them, but if she consistently manages to switch the subject and lead to you, then that’s one dead giveaway she secretly likes you. Normally, people would default by talking about something they enjoy, like a hobby on fitness and working out or maybe a recent occasion like a concert, but if they steer the topic towards about you, then it’s pretty safe to say that she wants to know more than what meets the eye.
  • You Don’t Know Her Friends That Well: Another thing to note is if you don’t even know her friends all too well, which means there wouldn’t be any other reason for them to know a lot of stuff about you unless this girl has been sharing way more than she probably should. If she can’t talk about anything else with her friends other than you, then the fact that you’re occupying her thinking space says a lot about how much she secretly likes you and finds you attractive.

#2 She Gets Super Awkward And Flustered Around You

While no one’s a charming person good with words by default, we’re all capable of holding a conversation, keeping minimum eye contact, and generally just having fun. However, if she gets super awkward and flustered whenever you’re around, then this is a major sign that she’s secretly into you. You might even catch her constantly preening herself and fixing her hair because she wants you to see her looking her best, and on the off-chance that she catches your gaze and latches eye-contact with you. You might even catch her blushing a bit too much when you throw a compliment her way!

  • Very Fidgety Behavior: Although a lot of us like to think that we can keep our calm and collected nature when someone we like is around, we’re all pretty guilty of showing some very fidgety behavior. And, if she starts stuttering or fumbling on her words a bit more than she normally would with anybody else, then this is one way to tell that she secretly likes you. She might even become a bit more clumsy than usual, so, for her safety, do keep an eye out.
  • Tries To Play It Off As A Fun Little Fight: Plus, whenever she notices that she’s giving off way too many hints, she’ll start to backtrack and play it off as something or turn it into a little fight. It’s her way of de-escalating and moving to a different subject so that you don’t catch her red-handed having a secret crush on you.

#3 She Actively Looks For Ways To Get Involved In Your Life

Last but not least, you can tell if a girl secretly likes you when she actively finds ways to get involved in your life and put herself in the spotlight. It’s her way of getting your attention and giving the go-signal to make your move. And, because she’s having trouble saying it herself, she will constantly find ways to put herself in your life, so you spot out all the hints she’s giving. So, unless you’re pretty dense and oblivious to all the signs, this is your breakpoint to take your shot!

  • Those “Random” Messages Late At Night: While random text messages do happen and some people mistake sending a message for someone else, there are moments when these “random” messages from her are an excuse to talk with you. One way you can tell that these “random” messages aren’t as random as they seem is when they try their best to keep the conversation going and spend as much possible time talking with you. Plus, if you’ve only gotten online just now and they managed to send a random text, it’s a bit “too convenient” of a coincidence, so there’s a pretty big chance they’ve been waiting all day to talk with you.
  • Smiles And Opens Her Personal Space: One dead giveaway that can sell you the idea that this girl secretly likes you is when she never seems to stop smiling when you’re around her, and she opens up her personal space and is fine with you there. It’s a person’s natural way of saying that I’m comfortable with you here and prefer having you close with me. Plus, if she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t be letting you so close anyway or be smiling as often.

So, What Should You Do?

Now that you’re settled in and can tell the difference between her secretly liking you or is just a tad bit too friendly, here are our recommendations on your next move. Of course, feel free to change this up and tailor it the way you want to approach her. There’s only so much we can give advice on without getting to know this girl in person, so use your best judgment!

  • Take the initiative, Ask Her Out: If you’re 100% certain and have the confidence to back it up, then we strongly recommend just taking your shot and asking her out on a date. You’ll be surprised at the success rate with being straightforward and, chances are, she’s been waiting for you to ask her out for the longest time.
  • Create Eye Contact And Break The Ice: If you’re not too sure about her secretly liking you, then one way to really grab her attention is by creating eye contact, talking for a bit, and breaking the ice to her. Of course, we are not too fond of the idea of putting her on the spot, so choose your words wisely and don’t come off as arrogant. If you reassure her that you like her back, then you’ve got yourself a date.
  • Be Playful And Make Her Spill The Beans: Lastly, if you don’t being the playful type, then you can steer the conversation in a way that can make her spill the beans herself. Likewise, don’t do it in a way that makes her feel embarrassed but that you’re generally curious and won’t stop teasing her about unless she tells you. Plus, getting her confession should be more than enough proof!

Understanding The Love Language

Overall, everyone’s got a different love language, and when it comes to telling someone you like them, people naturally default to being shy about things or a tad bit too secretive. So, just remember all these subtle signs and anything of the like, and you’re sure to find out whether that girl secretly likes you. And, if you’ve got a hunch that she does, then don’t waste your time and take the initiative!

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