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  • Fire-RainBow ^ ^ : 6 days, 1 hour ago

    I will wait and still waiting

  • neevix : 1 week ago

    the news about sunye make me sad. i do want her to comeback with wg but if she feel happier with her life by doing mission in haiti, i hope jyp let her go.

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      Martin - 1 week ago

      JYP has already let her go. Even though Sub renewed her contract , she has nor participated in any promotions or events. It makes me sad to not hear her sing any more, I think she still had a lot more development as a singer to share with us.
      I originally thought that her husband would not be able to let Sun have her own career, I feel that way even more strongly now. Sometimes men are like that.

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      neevix - 4 days, 4 hours ago

      why doesn’t Jyp just cancel her contract then? I thought it’s kinda weird she tied herself to the company but she doesn’t work there anymore……?

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      Martin - 1 day, 22 hours ago

      Maybe this way, Sun still gets her royalties from the Wonder Girls music? Otherwise I don’t know.

  • neevix : 1 week, 1 day ago

    maybe yoobin will get her solo…. =D

  • neevix : 2 weeks ago

    I think most of Wonderfuls have known that Sunmi won Best Dance Solo Performance award at MAMA tonight.. =) Really happy for her. But kinda disappointing that she didn’t perform…. but she looked really pretty with that red feathery gown.. <3

  • neevix : 3 weeks ago

    BH entertainment sell limited phone case with Sohee photo on it. I really want to buy it, too bad i don’t have money and my phone is still nokia. X)

  • neevix : 1 month ago

    the girl who sing second, look like sunye……. X) 0:59

  • neevix : 1 month ago

    vote for Sunmi for MAMA award~ X)

  • Linda Clary : 1 month, 1 week ago

    Looks like there are rumors again that Wonder Girls are coming back. I’ve heard that Miss A’s Jia has confirmed that Miss A’s album has been postponed for a Wonder Girls full group comeback. But, I don’t really believe it, tbh. I’ll believe it when the album is released, when I see things happening. Not just rumors and supposed confirmations from other JYP artists.

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      neevix - 1 month ago

      well there must be something happen that make the rumor came up. personally i think jyp will debut the new girl group first or give sunmi solo full album before wonder girl make a comeback… i hope if wg have comeback sohee can join them..

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